NEC SV9100

The SV9100 is a unique communication solution for up to 512 extensions. Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.

Why choose NEC?

  • A leading global enterprise telephony solution provider
  • Empowering our customers through over 100 years of experience in IT and Networking
  • Spanning the full spectrum of ICT products and solutions
  • Invests over £2 billion in research and development every year
  • Employs more than 150,000 people worldwide
  • Japan’s largest supplier of telephony solutions to the SME sector
  • The only global company in the world’s top 5 in both computers and communications
  • Environmentally friendly company policy
  • Unsurpassed UK technical support & logistics
  • A reliable, stable partner

The SV9100 is the ideal communication solution for almost any workplace

The Small Office - Aggressively priced compared to other smaller systems, but with enormous scaleability as a business grows.

The SMB - The SV9100 offers productivity and efficiency tools that are usually associated with more expensive, larger corporate systems.

The Call Centre - Powerful call management software ensures customer service levels, and your workforce, are optimised at all times.

The Branch Office - These can benefit from highly cost effective unique Netlink feature – allowing multiple systems to operate as one. Netlink also offers multiple business continuity options.

The Homeworker - The latest VoIP technology ensures costs are minimised, and access to system features are maximised.


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