SL1100 Features

Intuitive applications to increase productivity

What is MyCalls?

A complete call management solution, MyCalls provides detailed call activity, allowing you to respond to changing conditions in your business more quickly. Your workforce is your most important asset, and now you can manage your whole team from your PC desktop.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

How much custom could missed calls be costing your business? Many companies don’t know and have no means of finding out. With MyCalls, you can follow up missed and abandoned calls immediately, giving you the potential to avoid losing business to your competitors on a daily basis.

Advanced call recording

With MyCalls Call Recorder, calls can be effortlessly recorded and archived, providing an effective way of resolving disputes and a useful tool for staff training. With the advanced call recorder, small sections of a call can be named, colour coded and saved separately, enabling you to retrieve crucial information more quickly when needed.

Powerful Reporting

MyCalls offers a huge range of different reports which can be selected and scheduled to run at the time of day of your choice. Valuable information such as call volumes, durations and staff performances can be analysed, providing you with a tool for assessing your team and introducing motivational incentives.

With Director’s Report, you will be provided with detailed updates of the most critical business information, sent automatically by email at the end of each day. This allows you to keep up to date, even when you are out of the office.

What is Desktop Suite Lite?

This productivity-boosting product has two different functions which can each deliver excellent business benefits;

The Softphone is a portable telephony application, offering you system phone functionality from your laptop, wherever you are; ideal for home and mobile workers. The Deskset is an intuitive application providing full call control from a PC screen. With a click-to-dial facility, you can speed workflow while eliminating dialling errors. For Microsoft Outlook users, Deskset can even integrate with your Outlook contacts, providing a click-to-dial function within email for further time-saving benefits.

Increase the productivity of your staff with the SL 1100

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