Lease Agreements

When you require funds to buy a new Telephone System or upgrade your IT equipment and infrastructure, you will want to avoid putting pressure on your cash flow. Exchange Comms can offer competitive leasing rates for both existing and new businesses. Our partners strong relationships with specialist funders and trained underwriters allow them to look at every proposal on its individual merits regardless of time trading.

Why should you lease your IT solution?

1) Leasing is a means to pay for any capital purchase with low fixed monthly rentals, which means you can budget and manage your cash flow in a more cost efficient manner.

2) It is a way of managing obsolescence without writing off large single sums.

3) Leasing allows you to invest your money in other areas where you will get a higher return on capital employed.

4) It is the route to bridging the gap between what you need and actually can afford. It means you can have tomorrow’s technology today.

5) Rentals are fully allowable against taxable income for corporate, similar purchases are not.

ECUK can arrange flexible finance agreements. We can tailor payment patterns to suit you and assist you all the way. We also offer special rates to the education, professions and public sectors. Ask for more details.

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