Network Surveillance System


VioStor Pro Series NVR is the world’s first Linux-based network video recorder which supports high-definition local display for PC-less network surveillance. The members include 2-drive VS-2012 Pro/2008, Pro/2004, Pro, 4-drive desktop VS-4016, Pro/4012 Pro/4008, Pro and rack mount VS-4016U-RP Pro/4012U-RP, Pro/4008U-RP Pro, and 6-drive VS-6020 Pro/6016 Pro/6012 Pro. VioStor NVR supports multi-channel H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, and MxPEG recording. It works well with over 800 IP cameras and video servers from Acti.

VioStor Pro Series NVR supports quick configuration, monitoring, and video playback by local display via a built-in VGA connector. It is capable of megapixel recording (up to 8 megapixels) and diversified recording modes such as scheduled recording, alarm recording by multiple events, pre-alarm, and post-alarm recordings. The NVR also offers multi-server monitoring to monitor up to 120 channels from multiple QNAP NVR servers without installing any other software, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) for faster video retrieval, and various event handling options for different kinds of events. (Please see below image)

Other class-leading server features of VioStor NVR include advanced data protection by RAID configurations, online RAID capacity expansion, online RAID level migration, dual Giga LAN ports for network failover, load-balancing, and multi-IP setting, etc. VioStor NVR is an excellent option for central monitoring and recording of numerous network cameras in a large-scale surveillance system.


Main Features

  • Diversified Remote monitoring Models
  • Drag and Drop Function on Monitoring
  • Smart Control of PTZ and Speed Dome Cameras
  • Preset Position Control and Auto Cruising
  • Digital Zoom
  • Instant Event Notification
  • E-map
  • Multi-view Playback
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Video search by Date & Time, Timeline, Event, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

(For more information on the above features please click this link)

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