Call Manager

MyCalls Call Manager adds an extra dimension to call management and performance monitoring, with an unparalleled range of user-friendly features. These help a company save money, win profitable new business and dramatically increase customer service levels.

Managers enjoy a real-time overview of the telephony activity of their team - who’s on a call, who’s holding, who’s off hook and how many callers hang-up before their calls are answered.

My Calls Manager

Advanced call management for more cost-effective communications and customer service.

Alarms– Programmable when a particular set rule has been broken e.g. if a call has gone unanswered for 30 seconds - this leaves busy managers free to concentrate on their everyday tasks until and alert requires their attention.

Reporting – A comprehensive report suite providing detailed management information including call costs, response times, staff telephone performance, customer service levels, etc.

Protect Sales Revenues - Abandoned calls are flagged & logged enabling rapid customer call-back.

Manage by Exception - User-defined system alarms alert managers to situations that require their attention as do reports on all aspects of call performance.

Reduce Call Costs – Unauthorised calls, e.g., mobiles / premium rate numbers are highlighted.

Accelerate ROI – Productivity gains and cost savings lead to more profitable operation.

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