ISDN carries your phone line digitally. Our ISDN services come in two forms:

ISDN2e – is suitable for offices with 2-8 users. ISDN2 allows you to do two things per line, meaning that you can use one line for data, and another for calls. Channels can also be separated to make two calls at once.

ISDN30e – is suitable for larger businesses, ISDN30e can carry 8-30 lines. You can combine your lines to get higher bandwidth and also link multiple offices. You can also make simultaneous calls.


Great call quality Voice and data are carried digitally which means you can enjoy crystal clear, high quality calls, with an instant connection. Fast data Digital lines allow you to transfer data fast and accurately. You can also combine your independent channels to achieve higher bandwidths, supporting your data hungry business apps and tools. Individual numbers for users DDIs/ SNDDIs, which give users individual, unique numbers, can be applied to all digital lines. You can have a series of direct dial numbers without going through a switchboard, streamlining your communication.

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