Brexit: ''It's not a problem, but an opportunity''

Jul 05, 2016

Its the talk of the town and we cant get away from it! As much as I try.

I'm finding out how negative we are as a country. I was always taught by my dad that ''its not a problem, but an opportunity''. Great advice and imagine if more people took this on board.

''Its not a problem, but an opportunity''

I've listened to many opinions and I've come to the conclusion that no one has a clue and its all a guessing game. We can predict, but as an ex gambler I know nothing is for certain so we need to embrace it and make the best out of the situation.

Companies should and WILL look into their current processes. This will help them become more aware of themselves and what they can improve. As a Sales Manager of a small telecoms company in St Albans its a great conversation starter for me.

For Example

We go into small to medium size SME businesses everyday of the week. Some will spend £50 on their telephone bills and others will spend £3000 a month on their telephone bills.  They pay this every month and don't really think about it. Not many of them really give it much attention and why should they as they have a successful business which they want to grow.

Suddenly Brexit Appears!

Now the MD's or FD's have a bit of pressure on them to rein everything in because as an economy we are worried and sceptical about the markets.

Oh how the times have changed, now as a trusted telecoms company with 24 years experience we have a nice story to tell.

We go into the businesses and ask for a copy of a telephone bill, in this case Bird Bro in Bedfordshire. They were spending £1000 a month on a phone bill because they trust BT and don't need to look into it as they are a growing business, it just works. We analysed the bills and the results were outstanding! Not good, but masssssive!! They had redundant lines, high line rental and very high call charges. We gave them a new proposal with much better rates and could be implemented in 14 days. They now spend £430 a month on the telephone bills through ourselves. Not only that but their customer experience dealing with a local business rather than a cooperate giant has been far superior (from the MD's mouth).

Conclusion: So is brexit worrying?

It depends what type of person you are and how you are going to attack it. Yes it maybe scary, worrying, unsettling but with the right mind set and determination as a country we definitely can come out of the other side smiling.

Its interesting to hear everyone thoughts but I'm ready for this challenge. See more here.

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