Who are Exchange Communications?

Exchange Comms has been providing customer focused solutions for 20 years. We can help all businesses with any communications needs from VoIP enabled telephone systems to cost effective Network services including: Line, calls, Broadband and Leased Lines.

Why should I change to Exchange Communications Network Services?

Typically, customers can save up to 60% on all local and national calls, up to 50% off BT Standard Business Rate line rental, and up to 30% off other BT Standard Business Rate features. Our team at our Hertfordshire based headquarters is friendly and keen to help you save money and improve your service. Our customer service team is available during normal office hours, and we have a 24 hour dedicated faults team who can progress any problems with your line whatever time of day.

What is Exchange Comms relationship with BT?

Exchange Comms is a fully independent telephone service provider. To ensure our customers receive the most cost effective solutions with the highest possible level of service we work with many suppliers especially BT Openreach who will provide the engineers to install any new lines or services.

How can Exchange Comms offer cheaper services and calls than BT?

De-regulation of the telecommunications industry, has opened up the industry to competition. This allows Exchange Communications to purchase call and line services from the wholesaler and then provide them to you at more competitive rates than other service providers, helping you to reduce your telephone bills.

What will change?

The only changes are you will find your telephone bills have reduced and you will contact Exchange Comms Calls if you need to report a fault, or need any customer service.

When I change to Exchange Comms, can I keep my existing number?

Yes. You will always keep your existing number if your existing number is supplied by BT. Other network suppliers can be moved but in some cases we can also port numbers to our network, but installation charges may apply.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly receiving your bill by email. Line rentals are billed monthly in advance; call charges are billed monthly in arrears. All call charges are billed per second and are rounded up to the nearest second.

What will it cost to change to Exchange Comms?

For moving your line rentals and call charges to Exchange Comms there will not be a charge. We make sure your services are changed for you.

What if I am still in a contract?

Part of the service we offer is to analyse your existing telephone bill from your current supplier. Using our extensive telecoms industry knowledge we can assess if you are likely to be charged an early termination fee for leaving a previous supplier, however this is only an advisory and not a guarantee. Your existing supplier will provide a final bill and you must then come to a satisfactory arrangement with them to settle any outstanding charges.

Will my service be affected during the transfer?

Exchange Comms has access to the management portals of the largest network suppliers. Using this access we can seamlessly migrate your services over to us without interruptions.

Will I need to change the equipment I have?

No, the changes to your services are carried out in the telephone exchange and will not impact your current equipment.

Can Exchange Comms provide additional lines and services?

Using our relationships with the Tier 1 carriers, Exchange Comms can provide new or additional lines, ADSL and leased lines at very competitive rates. We are also accredited NEC telephone system resellers able to install businesses from 2 to 1000 users.

How do I change to Exchange Communications Network Services?

It could not be simpler, just phone our team on 0345 034 8871 and we can start saving you money almost immediately.

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